Quick & Easy Peppers & Onions Pasta with Canned Tuna

Put that can of tuna in your pantry to a new use with this super-simple pasta dish with sauteed bell peppers and onions. Check out our recommended spice combos ranging from Italy to Japan to keep this dish feeling new everytime you cook it.

Prep Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 15 mins


  • Pasta
  • Canned Tuna
  • Onions
  • Bell Peppers
  • Olive Oil or Butter

Equipment Needed:

  • Pan
  • Pot
  • Stovetop

Step 1: Boil water in a large pot
Step 2: Cook pasta according to package instructions
Step 3: Slice onions and bell peppers into thin-strips
Step 4: Add oil or butter to a pan and heat over medium heat
Step 5: Sautee the onions and bell peppers 8-12 minutes, until veggies soften up and start to brown
Step 6: Add the pasta and tuna to the pan with the onions and bell peppers and stir to combine
Step 7: Oil and season with:

  • 1 part salt
  • 1 part pepper
  • 2 part oregano
  • 1 part basil
  • 1 part garlic powder
  • 1 part crushed red pepper

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