About Us

We’re reimagining the food system because we don’t like where it’s headed. We don’t like that big companies are profiting at the expense of your health. We want the power to return to you — you in your kitchen, you writing your grocery list, and through every bite you take. But at Sizzle, we take the hard part out of it for you.

We don’t like that you have to choose between convenience and quality, or that cost cutting equates less exciting options. We’re over mindless meal delivery, which weighs heavy on your wallet and the environment. We’re over default delivery, which costs your health and your budget. We envision a world where you’re happily preparing the next meal, whether it’s your first time cooking for yourself or you’re cooking for multiple picky eaters or food-restrictions.

Our goal is to cut the fluff and work with farms and wholesale to get the most fresh, most affordable food straight to your kitchen. We are empowering people to live a healthier more satisfying life through home cooking.

Inspired by approachable, healthy, delicious cooking, Sizzle is more than the sound of the veggies hitting the hot pan. Sizzle is the key to a healthy lifestyle that you’ll have for the long haul.

Much Love,
The Sizzle Team