Pan-Cooked Chicken with Sauteed Squash & Rice

A hearty meal that won't leave you bloated or staring at your bank account in regret. In the mood for Italian, or Mexican, or Asian? Chicken, squash, and rice all take on different flavor profiles well, so feel free to dig deep into your spice rack with this recipe.

Prep Time: 20 mins Total Time: 40 mins


  • chicken
  • rice
  • squash
  • oil or butter


  • 1 part salt
  • 1 part black pepper

Equipment Needed:

  • Pan
  • Pot
  • Stovetop

Step 1: Cook rice according to package instructions
Step 2: Oil and season chicken
Step 3: Heat oil or butter in a pan over medium-high heat
Step 4: Cook chicken for 5 minutes, flip, reduce heat to low, cover, and cook for 10 more minutes
Step 5: Dice squash into small pieces
Step 6: Heat oil or butter in a pan over medium heat
Step 7: Saute squash for 7-10 minutes, until squash begins to brown
Step 8: Plate chicken, rice, and squash together and serve!

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